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Choosing to become bottom-third after graduation can be a very good thing

When you graduate, your life priorities are probably going to change. Remaining that top-third person in your organization will probably be impossible, and that's OK. You might need a period of time when you step back, focus on other things. Don't worry... your organization will likely be there waiting for you when coming back makes sense. Don't feel guilty. That time away might give you the perspective needed to make a significant contribution later in life. CONTINUE READING ›

I believe in fraternities

For all the fuss about this month's cover article on "The Fraternity Problem," it leaves us with one simple question. Who will lead? Fraternities can be reformed from within if leadership is willing to live in that tension between what is right and what is popular. GUEST BLOG by Sam Davidson. CONTINUE READING ›

Love one another as you love your phone

Think about how much care and attention you give your phone. In some ways, it's the most intense relationship you have. Now, use that successful relationship as a model of how you can invest your energies in human relationships. Are you taking care of the important humans in your life the way you take care of the relationship you are currently holding in your hand? CONTINUE READING ›

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Who is T.J. Sullivan?


He's a guy who has spoken to more than 2-million college students since 1992 on topics including: alcohol, sex, confrontation, and innovative leadership. He's the co-founder and CEO of CAMPUSPEAK, the nation's premier agency providing speakers to colleges and universities. He's a writer, a blogger, an overly-committed fraternity man. He's a dad, a husband, and a Broncos fan. He's honored you're here, and hopes you find something useful.